An innovative concept...


Skibrid filed several patents, pending or issued, in several countries including the USA and China. Our innovation, based on biomechanics and sport ergonomics, is at the heart of our activity. 

Product developments continue to progress and our research is in continuous development.


Skibrid is approved in France by the STRMTG, the official branch of the French Ministry of Transport in charge of ski lifts’ security. First, as a special gliding device and also as a simple skier thanks to its liftable handlebar.

Thus, thanks to this unique feature Skibrid is not categorized as a device having a handlebar over than 40cm wide.
It really simplifies its use on skilift.

Skibrid has been awarded the title of Innovative Start-up of the Year 2021 by the prestigious ISPO (Munich, Beijing, Shanghai), the largest international trade fair for outdoor sports. 

This recognition by a jury of sport professionals is a huge step forward for our new practice.


For the first time, a handlebar can be turned to twist a unique ski or a pair of skis and can  replace conventional boots and bindings, without a complex mechanism. Steering, naturally transferred to the arms, frees the feet and reduces effort.



Combining it with a snowboard in powder is as simple as for skis since the plates are screwed into the original inserts of the board. No transformation is necessary. As for one ski, the board’s characteristics are preserved. And the sensations will be different for each model.



The rear tube is offset to the right or to the left to allow free leg flex. Goofy or regular, the frame can be instantly adapted and allows you to ride the slope with efficiency. Easy to share with family and friends.



Skibrid reduces constraints before and after the ride. The frame instantly folds into a standard snowboard or ski bag, taking up no more space than standard equipment. Useful to go for a ride with others.



Safety is very important for Skibrid. Its founder co-wrote an AFNOR safety standard (NF S52-503) on other leisure equipment. Our exclusive stem tilts vertically to protect the rider in case of fall and rotates 360°.



Lightness always simplifies practices. Our frames weigh no more than a pair of ski boots (3,5kg). This lightness highly contributes to the pleasure of riding with your feet free.