Skibrid’s philosophy is to be an innovative & eco-responsible start-up that creates value locally while offering attractive products.

From the design, we include the reuse of existing skis in our product development.

. We develop and assemble all of our products ourselves in our workshop in Grenoble and we proudly promote the local loop between our industrial, public, associative and educational partners.



UP is our upcycling programme which consists in the upgrading of targeted end-of-series skis without any bindings, in collaboration with major brands. We rigorously select them to guarantee a perfect fit with a Skibrid frame.

These downgraded skis cannot be easily recycled, like any other product with composite. This unique partnership allows us to value them at a low price, here at the cost of the transformation.

  • The manufacturer can strengthen ist virtuous approach

  • The consumer can combine ecology with economy when purchasing

UP makes it possible to recycle skis… into skis!


Local Value


Skibrid is keen to take its place as a company focused on people, passion and mountain that surrounds us locally. We are working with local subcontractors.
Our frames, welded abroad, are assembled in our workshop. We
manufacture technical assemblies and specific components in-house as well. In the short to medium-term, our objective is to lead the relocation of our products.

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