The first mountain bike / snowboard hybrid to ride everywhere without pressure. 

The EVO frame can be combined with your favorite board without any transformation.

To be enjoyed without moderation in powder or on your favorite playground!

The EVO behaves like an exoskeleton by transferring control from your legs to the handlebar, freeing your feet from any constraints. 

The rotation of the handlebar allows the ski to twist with an angle up to 20°. The tilt of the frame controls the edge grip separately. The EVO Snow is effortless to ride and gives you new sensations

The stirrups are designed for all widths of boots or shoes, and the foot stoppers keep your feet in place without blocking them.


  • Frame in Ultra-rigid aeronautical aluminium 6061-T6 

  • Exclusive tilting stem, adjustable and manually reclinable

  • Steering bearings in Delrin

  • Stance 52cm 

  • Frame weight: 3,5kg

  • Specific safety leash, extendable 6m