FAQ Skibrid

SKIBRID, is it for me?


I have never skied or snowboarded, can I ride with a SKIBRID?

Of course you can! SKIBRID is accessible to everyone, whatever your level in skiing or snowboarding. The frame acts like an exoskeleton and naturally controls the twisting and edging of the board instead of the legs with the handlebars that turn and tilt.


At what age can you practice SKIBRID?

SKIBRID practice is recommended from 12 years old.

As SKIBRID is less traumatic for the legs and especially the knees, it is possible to go back skiing with SKIBRID after an injury.   


Is there a height / weight limit for practicing SKIBRID?

The practice of SKIBRID is recommended for a height of 1m60 to 1m95 and for a weight of 50kg to 85kg.  


I am already a skier/snowboarder, what does practising SKIBRID add?

SKIBRID is a new sport. Who says new says different, just like skiing or snowboarding are two different kind of glides. The SKIBRID will bring you new sensations. First, you will have your feet free! Then you will have a handlebars in your hands ...  


Is it binding?

SKIBRID weighs only the weight of a pair of ski boots and instantly folds into a snowboard bag. And there is no need for specific shoes. It’s up to you to judge!

Where can I ride with a SKIBRID?

Which resorts allow SKIBRID?

The list of resorts welcoming SKIBRID is available on our website here. It is regularly updated and we continue to work on it. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: stations@skibrid.com .  


What kind of ski lift can I take with a SKIBRID?

All kinds: gondola lifts, chairlift, ski lifts! SKIBRID has been approved by the STRMTG, the delegation of the Ministry of Transport responsible for ensuring the safety of ski lifts and guided transport. Thanks to its tilting handlebars, you will only take one seat on the chairlift. Likewise, thanks to the handlebars and the lightness of this equipment, you can easily fold it to take a gondola. However, be careful to follow the instructions in force in each resort, which may differ depending on the type of ski lifts and slopes. 

You will find the positions to be adopted on the chairlift and ski lift on the instructions supplied with the SKIBRID.  

How to assemble a SKIBRID?


Is it complicated ?

SKIBRID is screwed on instantly and without any transformation in place of the bindings on any snowboard equipped with 4x4 inserts (Burton boards are therefore excluded) and is conventionally mounted on a ski. 

But don't panic, an assembly manual is delivered with it! If you have any doubts, please send us an email at hello@skibrid.com .  


On which type of board can a SKIBRID be used? 

You can use any snowboard that has 4x4 inserts, so Burton boards are not suitable for a SKIBRID frame. The device being easily removable you can vary the boards to vary the sensations! SKIBRID retains all the characteristics of the board on which it is mounted.  


Can I also use it on any ski?

The SKIBRID concept is better suitable with some kinds of ski and fixing the ski adaptor requires very good technical knowledge of the ski. This is why, for an exclusive SKIBRID ski practice, we only sell packs containing the ski, an EVO frame and a ski adaptor already fixed to the ski. We choose the skis carefully.  


How can I ride with a Skibrid?


How do I get started?

Choose wide slopes with little difference in altitude to familiarize yourself with the SKIBRID. It is important to give yourself time to understand how it works. There is only one bad reflex to avoid: do not tilt the handlebar in the turn. It's a guaranteed wrong edge!


All our tips for turning/stopping are in the user manual delivered with the SKIBRID!

But on flat ground and without ski sticks, how can you move?

Use your front foot as if you were using a kick scooter! And you won't even have to take your shoes off!


What about stability?

The SKIBRID is stable, whether with a snowboard or a ski. Having your feet free allows you to instantly take out a support when needed, unlike skiing or snowboarding.  


Can the SKIBRID leave without me if I fall?

No! Because you have a leash that links you to SKIBRID. It is also compulsory and useful on the chairlift. 

How should I be equipped to practice SKIBRID?


Should I wear specific shoes?

With SKIBRID, no need for specific shoes! Soft, high and warm shoes, such as hiking shoes or snow boots. Choose shoes in which you feel comfortable to enjoy your SKIBRID experience without thinking about your feet!


Should I have specific equipment?

No, you don’t need any specific equipment! Wear clothes adapted to the current conditions. The helmet is mandatory, as is the leash (provided).

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